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Let's Talk About Single Men

Google "single men" and prepare to be afraid.  Loneliness.  Sexlessness.  Relational ineptitude.  The collapse of society.

Single men in crisis may be a part of the story.  But that's far from the only story - and by no measure the end of the story.  I conceived of The Deliberately Single Man after growing tired of hearing the same crisis-centered story for years.  The story that says the penalty for men outside of romantic partnership is a life of inner poverty.  That says a man is one broken romantic connection away from being unable to function.  The story that pits men and women against one another in a hellish gender war without end.

The Deliberately Single Man tells a new story - one of hope, of possibility, of personal growth and relationship-building far beyond what he was told to expect if he's unable or unwilling to partner up.

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